Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels.com

Most leaders are more quick to give (negative) feedback than ask for feedback for themselves. But for those who ask for feedback, the good and the bad, can use this as an opportunity to benefit and grow as a leader. You may even find that how you perceive certain actions or mindsets of yourself are not always consistent with how others perceive or receive them. But feedback will help identify these.

Receiving feedback is one thing. Implementing the feedback you receive is another. How do you plan to transform feedback into action. Especially once the busy, fasted paced day starts and you begin to encounter dozens of complex scenarios. Sometimes this can be harder than you think, as it takes being thoughtful and a conscious effort. And like most thing, it takes practice. And another thing, how do you measure your progress? Maybe asking for more feedback.

I urge you to seek out feedback and then use it as a tool for growth.