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Most leaders at some point in their career will find themselves needing to build or develop a new or existing team. If you had never one this before and had to do it tomorrow, do you know what you would do? Do you know how you would approach this challenge, communicate it, and lead it? This is an overview of my take. Hopefully this post can help.

1 – Vision: What is or will be the ultimate goal of the team. Now aim for achieving that (& nothing less)

2 – Core Principles: What are the few, main priorities necessary to achieve vision. i.e. strategies or “strategy” may make up 1 core principle, depending on what your organization is, does, and is trying to achieve.

Note on “Strategy” – Assuming you have appropriately identified the vision (ultimate goal), take stock of your current resources and position. Is the gap between the vision and current position bridgeable based off of the strategy your team has developed. If so, put plan in place and execute. If not, continue to strategize or adjust resources and position, if that is an option for your circumstances.

3 – Buy In: It’s absolutely necessary. Don’t proceed without it. If you are lacking it, strive for the development of or re-development of core principles where everyone has a voice and opinion, and there is general consensus.

4 – KPI’s & Expectations: What are your KPI’s relative to measuring the gains (or losses) of the execution of the plan in place measuring your success towards bringing the vision to fruition (reaching the ultimate goal). Make it clear what the expectations are and how the KPI’s will be used to measure them.

When you have to build a new team, you have to have a plan. If you don’t, try this model (and adjust accordingly for your organization). If you have done this before or have executed a different model, let me know by leaving a comment!