I used to tell employees, especially when they would be frustrated about things out of their control, that attitude and effort are the two things that are always in their control.

Attitude & Effort are the two key things that are always in your control. Skills matter. Talent matters. Skills can be developed over time. But attitude and effort are the two things that are always in your control, now, and always will be, no matter what happens. I’ve seen individuals who have recognized their control over and have embraced this control over their own attitude and effort, and how it brought them further along in their career or journey or particular situations or challenges than any other attribute including skills, talent, IQ, and so on. 

In my own experiences, I feel that me fully embracing and leveraging these two aspects have done more for my career, and the opportunities that have come along the way, than anything else. While talent or skills may get you through 3/4 of the race, attitude and effort will carry you across the finish line. Especially in situations where the finish line feels like it may be continually moving farther and farther from you in challenging times. 

Recognizing the power in realizing your control over your attitude and effort and how to leverage it helps play a role in build resilience and fortitude. Things that are essential if you are focusing on ultimately winning, no matter what it is you are doing. And especially if you plan on winning, you must embrace and take control of your attitude and effort.

Next time you are faced with a setback or challenge that end up feeling impossible to accomplish, remember, the right attitude and effort may be the missing link. Recognize you are in full control of them. And double down, lean into them. And see how they work for you.