What is leadership? A question I’ve been asked in most job interviews. And a question I’ve continuously asked myself. It’s the million dollar question. I’m not going to attempt to completely define it in this post but rather help get you thinking about it.

Leadership can mean many different things depending on your organization, role, and goals. While there may be some underlying similarities of leadership across the board, I feel that context can matter. For example, the requirements, skillset, characteristics, goals, etc of a successful military leader may be different than that of a corporate business leader or a professional sports team leader.

Regardless of the context, I feel that one part of leadership is rooted in the ability to get the job done or reach and complete the set goals. Now let’s think about your specific context of what makes a successful leader. Whats your industry? What are your goals? What will it take to get the job done? What are the rules of engagement in your arena? What do your employees need from you to be successful? What are your and your organizations core values, vision and mission statements or principles? Start with the context.