You may have heard the phrase “Power in Pause” in leadership. This term generally refers to the process of stopping, taking a step back, refreshing to gain fresh perspective, and then resuming. All of this sounds great. However, the “power in pause” that I have seen executed first hand by other leaders and myself relates more to a practical, daily practice that can enhance your day-to-day effectiveness as a leader in addition to gaining trust and influence.

This “power in pause” that I’m referring to is more on the micro-level which can help with in-the-moment knee jerk reactions, especially when it involves interactions with other leaders and the leaders that are reporting to yourself. People and employees remember how you make them feel. Pausing for that 10 seconds upon receiving bad news in a meeting or 5 minutes before responding to that email can have a powerful effect. Leaders like myself who are extremely eager to accomplish a goal sooner than later can greatly benefit from this practice of “power in pause” but it can take a conscious effort until it has become habit.

I urge all leaders to minimize their knee jerk reactions when it comes to interactions or intense situations with others, pause, and proceed respectfully, clearly, and effectively by opting out of emotional