In 2018, as I prepared to depart my role at the time for a new role within the company in another state, I compiled the detailed notes I had been keeping throughout my time in the role in order to create a realistic, practical, step-by-step guide to handoff to my replacement. However, that never happened as I would have liked for it to.

I left before my replacement was allowed to be hired on. I was hoping to get the time to training and teach this person yet the business didn’t allow for any overlap. However, I did pass on these personal notes to this person in hopes to best assist them in transitioning into their new role, as well as make myself available via phone and email. I’m scared to think how, without these notes and support, this person would have been setup to potentially fail.

These notes started off as my personal notes as I went through the painful process of teaching and training myself in the role at the time. I would constantly rewrite and restructure my notes which reflected how the role would execute in order to achieve the required goals. While they may have only taken 2 minutes to read, it took about 6months to write the version that would end up bing the final and most streamlined and effective version.

I’ve been on both ends of this situation throughout my career. Starting a new role without any training, teaching, or support and thrown to the wolves. Things that took me weeks of racking my brain to sort out all the aspects of a role and how to successfully execute, could be communicated (by the right person) in a matter of minutes. Exponentially fast tracking the process. Therefore, I always keep this in mind. Training and teaching the next person or my replacement, even before I plan to exit a role into a new one. This way, I can effectively communicate and pass on the necessary experience and knowledge to the next person to best set them up for success.

Now, anytime I step into a new role that lacks any teaching, training, or knowledge that may make things a bit easier, I view as opportunity for me to setup the next person while I strengthen my own-self through the inevitable deep dives that I’ll be taking.

So if your seasoned in your position, think of the person who will come after you and what you can do now to best set them up for accelerated success. Especially if this person will be reporting to you and part of your team. Win-Win.